ECU Remap's (Chip Tuning)

Blackpool ECU Remapping & Diesel Chip Tuning - A Fast Growing UK Based ECU Remap Business That Has Grown Worldwide With An Even Faster Growing Great Reputation 

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Remapping DPF Regeneration Service

Blackpool ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning Offer DPF/FAP Regeneration & Cleaning Service, If Your Car/Truck/Tractor Is Suffering DPF Problems Then We Can Help....

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EGR Problems? Removal Is Possible

Many Cars Today Whether Petrol Or Diesel Have An EGR Valve Fitted To Them. This Can And Often Does Cause Problems! But We Can Help.....

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HGV Truck & Tractor ECU Remapping & Repairs

Blackpool ECU Remapping - A Remap Could Save You Up To 30% On Your Vehicle Or Fleet Running Costs! With Adblue Reduction Included....

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Remapping 100% Dyno Tested Results!

Blackpool ECU Remapping Offer Only The best Tuning And Advice From Years Of Extensive Testing Both On The Road & The Dyno

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Price Beater

Remember! Blackpool ECU Remapping will beat any genuine quote like for like