ECU Remap's (Chip Tuning)

Blackpool ECU Remapping & Diesel Chip Tuning - A Fast Growing UK Based ECU Remap Business That Has Grown Worldwide With An Even Faster Growing Great Reputation 

ECU Remapping & Diesel (Tdi) Chip Tuning With 100% Guaranteed Results Or your Money Back! We Have A Proven Track Record To Reprogram Your Vehicles ECU For Better Power/Torque & MPG With Gains In Performance Upto 50% And Saving Fuel By Up To 30% This Process (called Remapping) Involves Reprogramming Your Vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU) Which Is The 'Main Brain' Of The Engine, We Can Write A New Program Over The Existing Manufactures Program To A More 'Tailored' Specification To Suite Your Needs, This Obviously Is Much Better Than The 'One Fit For All' That The Manufacturer Installs In The First Place, The Results Speak For Themselves! Don't Take Our Word For It, Read Our Extensive Reviews We Have Littered All Over The Internet! Cardiff Remapping Is A Franchise Company That Belongs To Remap-UK, One Of The Fastest Growing UK Based ECU Remapping Companies Out There Today! Why? Because Remap-UK Has Gained A Great Reputation Over The Years And Now Is Making Sure You Receive The Same Great Service As All Our Customers Receive, Couple That With Full Diagnostics At No Extra Cost To The Customer And You Can See Why Remap-UK And Blackpool Remapping Is The Best Choice If Your Thinking Of Having Your Vehicle Remapped! And Remember, We Offer Remap Tuning On Car, Van, Motorhome, HGV, Tractor And Even Plant Equipment!