HGV Truck & Tractor ECU Remapping & Repairs

Blackpool ECU Remapping - A Remap Could Save You Up To 30% On Your Vehicle Or Fleet Running Costs! With Adblue Reduction Included....

Think about it, most of us nowadays spend a fortune in day to day running costs of our vehicles, be it your average family car or fleet of HGV vehicles, do the maths and see what Blackpool Remapping can do for you! Most vehicles will easy achieve 10% improvement in MPG with some going as high as 30-40% better! Would you not prefer that extra money saved in your pocket rather than the fuel companies?

Not just that but a cleaner running engine is greener for everyone, why waste un-burnt fuel clogging up our roads? HGV and even Tractors can benefit from having the standard ECU settings changed by us to a more refined setting with no loss in power or torque guaranteed!

Not only that but we can also cut your Adblue costs as well! We can reprogram the ECU to run just 5% Adblue rather than 100%, that's a 95% saving without any downside!

Remap-UK have pioneered a system to give you better miles per gallon, so how does this work?
Well, when a vehicle leaves the factory they produce the ECU with one thing in mind, 'cost effectiveness' they use basically one software image that fits all vehicles or at least most of them! Most of them are not really ideal, mainly because of fuel quality, country temperatures etc etc as they are sold all over the world.

Take a BMW 330d for example!

At low revs, 50% throttle as with most 3rd generation ECU types (from 2004-on) these are torque biased, requesting around 400nm torque with only 1.1 bar boost and with 70 milligrams of fuel so we are in effect over fueling! 

We can then smooth the torque curve request out to 450nm at mid range 2200rpm. We can then up the boost to 0.08bar from 1500rpm and adjust injection timing, injection pressure,  the results will gain around 10mpg on long'ish runs, with short runs gaining around 4mpg! This in turn will burn less fuel, so in effect give more boost, better timing, cleaner combustion, less fuel used.

  • Better power & torque expect 25-100 bhp (vehicle dependent)
  • Short run gains of around 4mpg
  • Long run gains of around 10mpg
  • Average savings per tank of around 60-120 miles
  • Less engine strain
  • Better power/torque due to better combustion

Various diesel cars that we have tested have recorded gains of 10mpg average with savings of around 80+ miles per tankful, again this is an average and many gain much more.