Frequently asked questions

Q. Does an ECU remap invalidate my manufacturers warrenty?

This is a point of some contention, generally it is perceived that for a manufacturer to cancel a warranty due to someone having after-market services or parts added to their vehicle is an anti competitive practice and therefore against European laws.

However if it is stated in your documentation that remapping your ECU will invalidate the warranty, then it will probably do so.

Unlike many other remapping companies we only carry out custom chip remaps which are tested and tuned to suit your vehicle and your needs, we naturally only modify the vehicle to within the safety limits of the vehicle and its components and certainly will not push your vehicle beyond those limits.

The European law states that a manufacturer cannot cite after-market services or parts to void a warranty or reject a warranty claim. The manufacturer need to prove that the service or part is the direct cause of the failure and the Burdon of proof rests with them.

Q. Can my vehicle be changed back to its original settings?

In the unlikely event that you would want your vehicle to revert back to its standard settings after a test drive, then we can of course return your vehicle ECU to its original pre-remap settings with no cost to yourself at all

Q. But does it really work?

Q. Will the remapping be lost if I disconnect the battery?

The remapping changes a software file in the cars ECU, so you will not lose the remap should you disconnect your vehicles battery.

Q. Car my car be remapped?

Nearly all European petrol and diesel cars with an ECU (Electronic control unit) can be remapped.

Q. How long does it take to custom chip remap a vehicle?

Here At Cardiff ECU Remapping & Diesel Chip Tuning we take ECU remapping very seriously and not just as a simple install of some software like so many other companies will. The file is written by us and installed by us, this is only done after your car has been fully checked over for any undetected faults that may be unknown to you affecting the running of the vehicle.

After it has been re-mapped it is then tested and adjusted until we have gained the maximum benefit that can be attained from the remapping.

Due to this we cannot give the quick and easy guide times of our competitors who are simply installing a file. You should however be aware that anyone offering this service in a matter of 30 mins or an hour will not be providing the same level of service, testing and tuning that we deliver here at Cardiff Remapping as standard.

We normally like to have the vehicle for a couple of hours minimum, this should give us enough time to complete full tuning, remapping, testing and rectifying faults.

Q. Do you offer a custom chip remapping mobile service?

We do not offer a mobile service, as in the previous answer, the remapping of the vehicle is simply one part of the service, testing and tuning that we deliver as part of our remapping service. We need access to our specialist diagnostic equipment and our rolling road dyno if need be to ensure that the remap we provide is truly getting the most from your vehicle.

Therefore anyone offering a mobile service for remapping would simply be installing a new file into the ECU, it could not be tested and tuned to suit the vehicle or the requirements of the driver, this is something we feel strongly is not advisable, so be aware that these companies offering this mobile remapping are not even doing half the job.

Q. Should i inform my insurance company if I have my vehicle remapped?

The changes made to your car though almost undetectable are none the less changes, and as with all modifications you are obligated to inform your insurance company.